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The Rise of Deception


The Rise of Deception

The true me is afraid, alone in this shell we call a body.

Her name is Fauna which means life

But she is slowly dying,

Everyday the fake me lives, the real passes on into nothingness

She is killing me this pseudo girl, with every passing day

But she tells me that she wants to stay

She promised me beauty, popularity the works

Not telling me my soul she would hurt

She told me that my soul did not matter

That I would live on forever,

And I was a fool like so many others,

And I fell for her lies and her evil ways

For charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting

I should not listen to her

My real self knows so she tells me

I should let her go, but I listen to fake

Its Fauna I ignore,

I’ve decided not to listen to her anymore

So now the fake and I are besties

While the dying fauna detest me

When I see the hurt in her eyes

I want to find her and apologize

But before I can fake grabs my hand pulling me away telling it’s The only way,

Just before I am completely tame

Fauna tells me to ask of  fake her true name

Because I feel sorry for Fauna

I ask the question Fake hesitates its Deception

Suddenly I am awake, I realize what Deception

Has been doing to me

I want to run away, to leave her

But she has me chained

Chained by popularity and mediocre living

She tells me that she’s being very giving

That most people would kill for the opportunity I’m living

While She’s whispering in my ear I hear Fauna

Screaming my name, begging me to let her live

She is telling me that I am a fool

That charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting

I laugh because I believe  Deception

She tells me Fauna is a fool and I agree

She is hardly breathing Deception says to me

Do it kill her I turn to face Fauna

I see the sadness in her eyes

Please she says  and I consider sparing her

Now Deception shouts

My heart hardens towards this girl

Who sees through my mask

Who knows who I truly am

I hate her I hate that she knows this is not who I am

I don’t want her

This part of me she reminds me of things

Things I don’t want to think about

So I cut her loose

She is falling, falling away from me

Before she is gone I hear her voice

To thine own self be true

Deception laughs

But I do not understand her words

Before I can ask Fauna is gone

Gone for good

Deception is laughing ,dancing, applauding me

Celebrating her victory

Come my slave she says to me

Suddenly I understand the words Fauna said to me

I want to turn back but I can’t and

It’s all my fault

Fauna is gone

that part of me doesn’t exist anymore

I turn and follow at Deception

This is the life I have chosen



Written by : Ahja Thomas